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Latest EMS Technology




The Benefits of FITSHARE

Get MORE Clients and MORE Sessions

Make more money in less time thanks to our business and technological solutions.

Get BETTER Referrals

By achieving greater results and better communication with your clients. We SHARE our experience and resources with you our Fitshare Partner (Personal Trainer), let us help you educate your clients and stay in their top of mind.

Charge MORE for your time and service

If you offer more, you can charge more, it is that simple! We aim to empower you to compete at the highest level and we want you to make the living you deserve.


SHARE your success story with the world

People LOVE real relatable stories, let us help you get yours out!

Get access to the latest technology TODAY!

All around the world the technology we provide is sold for over $20,000, we made it affordable and WE WILL FINANCE IT FOR YOU! Talk about a low-risk GAMECHANGER!

Are you looking for a solution to improve your fitness business?

Would your client want Technology Training as part of their fitness journey? But you're not sure if it works.

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Would you like to offer your client Technology Training, but you're not sure if you can afford it?

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We Fit You

Technology Fitness for Everyone, Everywhere!

We envision a smarter way of training with fewer hours spent and greater results through providing fitness professionals with technology solutions that has less financial risk, more reliability and safer technology which creates more jobs and higher income opportunities for our FITSHARE partners.

Our Values

We have experience across global markets and we want to nurture technology fitness through education, training standards and responsibility.

That's why we are FITSHARING our technology solutions through supply, training and ongoing support.

We care about the end user, their safety and providing unparalleled training experience through our FITSHARE PARTNERS.

We believe it is non-negotiable for trainers to take full responsibility of their training, service standards and most of all the general health and safety of the user coming FIRST.

FITSHARE Membership Programs

The solution that fits you.

Includes your entire Personal Training Business Solution.

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EMS Technology Starter Pack with One Device and 4 Complete Suits.

FITSHARE Care which includes total protection for your device and FREE consumable replacements for your suits.

Technology Fitness for Everyone, Everywhere!

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